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I’m sure a good fraction of you in the Abq area know of the City's Espesanza bike shop program.  For those that do not, here is their September newsletter.  It was sent to the bike-racers list but picked off since it came from a non-subscriber.

Clay, Silvio, and Pat: This is not a ‘real’ bike shop so by forwarding this on I am not obligated to buy any of Clay’s left over Shackley Sh*t.

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Youth Build A Bike Classes.

Over 200 youths, in 17 classes since last April, have built and earned their bicycles at Esperanza community bike shop. The Youth Build A Bike classes are offered through community centers and youth groups, over two week periods, completely free and including lights, locks, helmets and bicycle safety education.

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Fun fact.

[pan-yer, -ee-er]
While cyclists know panniers as the useful bags that clip onto their bicycle [racks], this is actually a relatively recent sense of this term. Pannier first entered [the] English [language] around 1300 from the Latin panarium meaning "bread basket." 

Excerpt from Dictionary.com


Don't freak out, it's just us.

We may appear a little differently in your inbox in the next issue. The Albuquerque Bicycle Safety Newsletter is a mouthful to say and plenty to read, for a title. We've shortened it to the Esperanza Newsletter. In the coming issues, this will be in the title, instead.

Au revoir, Jules.

After 6 years as the instructor and coordinator of the youth segment of the bicycle safety education program, I move to Denver, in September, to grow my website and advertising design company and, in two years, return to Paris. Contracting with the Albuquerque Parks and Recreation's Bicycle Safety Program has been a unique and wonderful experience, which I'm delighted to hand over to someone who is also passionate about bicycles and from whom I expect great things.

Reflecting on the experience, it has been one of extraordinary growth, for me as well as the program. When I started, it was only Chuck Malagodi in the office, with seasonal employees and me in the field. Now, the program also has a bicycle shop, a shop manager, an adult educator, and is reaching more people than ever, even though we reached 10,000 youth and 1,000 adults per year when I arrived! Of my contributions, I'm most fond of the Share The Road program, now regularly teaching in four drivers education schools. 

Chuck has been an extraordinary person, with whom to work, and I'll remember these years with the program well, as I make my way back to Paris. Thanks Chuck and Parks & Recreation for the opportunity to be part of something extraordinary. Merci, au revoir et bonne chance.

-Julian Paul Butt
jules at falldev.com
Welcome aboard, Luke!

Luke Wilson is the new instructor and coordinator for the youth segment of the Bicycle Safety Education Program. With prodigious exuberance and passion for bikes, the program will be served well with Luke on  the team.

"I am excited to work with the community, to learn and have fun, through the activity of riding bikes. It's already a very well done program with great benefits and people. It will be interesting to see what we can produce together."


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Tue, Wed & Thu 6pm-8pm
Sun 12pm-7pm	

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