[NMCycling] Check out this big bike shop sale!

Chad Patterson via Bike-racers bike-racers at mailman.swcp.com
Fri Sep 12 15:28:12 MDT 2014

Not really, that was just to get your attention. 

What we do need are bikes!  In particular, your New Mexico Lobos need a large MTB for our top-of-the-line model Doug Torres to race at Horny Toad Hustle on Sunday. His new Specialized didnt come in in time.  This does constitute an emergency.

In closely related news, another potential Lobo with more talent than 99.9% of us will ever possess needs an MTB in order to compete for us. I guarantee he has blown your doors off on the road. He rides a 56cm, so take that into account. OK, my fellow New Mexicans. We're counting on you. 

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Thank you all,
Chad Patterson

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