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Cross interested bike-racers,

Note that the date was mistakenly listed as 9-22 on the part of the Hawke Races website.  The 22 is Monday, the correct date is 9-23.  It seems to be correct everywhere else.   

I realize it is kind of a long drive for a Tuesday nighter, but it is beautiful up there, you are almost guaranteed chilly cross like weather, and you get to preview for the Old Fashioned CX Series on the same course on tentatively set for 11-2.  It is about 45 mins from the big I, depending on traffic.  Capulin is about a mile above the ski area.  

I am trying to do this as late as possible, so that folks can make it out, but we will start pretty much on time at 6:30. If you are late just jump in as we come around.

Course is old school, hilly, challenging. I suggest an 11-28 cassette, 33mm or 34mm knobby tires and non-carbon rims. We took out the long dirt descent from last year, so it will be less technical than it was. We will go down the paved descent and up a steep freeride trail, which will be a pretty serious runup, maybe 40-80ft depending on how much of it you can ride. This will be the only major runup on the lap.  There are is one slightly rocky uphill section, but most of the course is pretty smooth and free of rocks. There is one short steep grass downhill coming off the pavement onto an XC ski trail. We were not able to mow the snowplay area for this week's CX so there will be a lot less grass than I was planning. Hopefully we will get it mowed for next week. Course for 9-23 (without the grass on the snowplay area) will be about 65% pavement, 30% trail of some sort, some wider some narrower, but mostly about 2m wide, and about 5% grassy meadow. The paved descent has some weeds growing through the asphalt. Kids, beginners and anyone else that does not want to do the runup can turn around at the top of the descent.  There will be one very narrow section where we have to go around a gate, but it is short, and there is no other way to get around the gate.      

Info at bcdracing.com/cycling

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