[NMCycling] FS tubless wheel, cx tire, rims

Hawke Morgan via Bike-racers bike-racers at mailman.swcp.com
Mon Sep 22 21:21:21 MDT 2014

For Sale 

Ultrega Tubless wheel.  Bearings in good shape.  Otherwise good condition, a little cracking on the graphics.  Appears quite true.  Includes tire.  $70 without tire.  Model WH 6700, or something very similar.  Wheel weighs 706g.  16 spoke.  $60obo.  
A friend got it at a garage sale.  Probably stolen.  If you lost one of these and can prove it is yours, tell me what tire was on it, where it is dinged, what brand of tube, etc. you can have it back.  

Tufo 32mm Flexus Nexus tubular CX tire, red.  No discernible tread wear at all.  I do not think I ever rode this one.  There is a thin layer of glue on the rimtape.  There is also some cracking of the tread when you bend it as is comonn with Tufo tires in our dry climate.  I do not think this hurts the tire much, most of the Tufos I race on have some cracking on the tread.  $33.  

1 pair of 36 hole 24" MTB/BMX rims.  Weinman 519s ERTO 507. This is for 24" MTBs and BMX Cruisers.  New.  This is different size from 24" road wheels or skinny mini BMX wheels.  I will thrown in a brand new cheap Comp III clone tire.  $20.
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