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Just hope that when you die she doesn’t sell your stuff for what you told her you paid.


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Xbox! Good one! Ha!


I just bought my son some $175 running shoes because I am psyched that he likes running and my wife thought that was too much - I probably shouldn't tell her how those carbon wheels cost...



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It could be the price of a bike. 


Hum, buy them a car for $5,000 OR a Bike for $5000…Oh they need a MT Bike too for $3,500 and Cyclocross for $1,800 for a total of $10,300. Only guys that can do that are like in there 40’s or 50’s….Hum


What I did was buy my kid an Xbox for $400 and bought myself the $7,000 road bike. Save myself $2900 and now I can go for the 5 hour ride and my son never knows I’m gone. Win, Win!!!! (April Fools Ha. Ho)




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Yeah, kindof troubling when not as many kids are into it.  


More distractions?   Less free time?  Less ability of parents to give the kids that time (often both parents are working).


I know it’s a constant challenge I face in supporting my son – not many of his friends ride.


This just makes ever so important the Devo efforts that we do have in cycling, and this includes Duke City BMX, plus all the other advocacy and event-related activities as promoted by our community.





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Just an interesting trend in cycling and who is racing. 


Back in the late 80’s and 90’s if you were 26 yrs old you’d be one of the oldest guys in the cat 4 field and the racers would ask, “who is that old guy”. (there wasn’t a cat 5 yet).  As we were assigning bib numbers last night for the Adoption Exchange we noticed a huge change in who’s races these days.  In the cat 5 more than half range from 60 to 30. The Cat 123 the majority is 50 to 30.  


Something to ponder during your morning coffee….


Have a great race this weekend!




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