[NMCycling] Defective spam

Cliff Loucks via Bike-racers bike-racers at mailman.swcp.com
Sat Apr 16 21:17:45 MDT 2016

Hi folks, Cliff here, your benevolent list administrator.

I’m just home from a day of rafting.  I dunno if the spam link below worked earlier today but it’s not getting anywhere this evening.  Does that make it benevolent spam or just stupid?

Recall a few weeks back when I screwed up and let some spam through thinking it was from Joanna Eckstein?  That email was not from her, it was just that her name was spoofed with a different email address.  It happens to all of us.

The email below got through the list given JHuser’s address got spoofed.  I haven’t seen this twisted approach before.  This one was reversed in that Jeff’s actual address was tied to another name (that we recognize).  I’ll consult the good folks at Southwest Cyberport about this one and what to do.  The email list software is not, to my knowledge, set up to detect spoofs like this and reject them before they get through the list - as it does for the abundant email to the list that comes from addresses which are not subscribed to the list.

All this said, how do you know you should believe this?  How do you know it’s coming from me?  Along the lines, do y’all realize how frequently the days surrounding tax time are used for zombie attacks?

Nah, me neither, I just made that sh!t up,  not all of it - the benevolent part is arguably true.  

Sorry Lenny, I have no GPS tracks of today’s rafting to share with you.  The lap times were fast though - people wanted to keep paddling to stay warm as we floated through rain, graupel, and snow.  

Sorry about the spam - no, not this email or the one supposedly from Jeff.  The real spam will come as soon as the zombies get their taxes filed.


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