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Attention cx race directors and interested others

It’s time to start the process of formally identifying race directors for
the 2016 cx series season and get a prelim schedule together. So please
confirm with me your interest in putting on a race as part of the series,
intended venue and possible date(s).  We want to avoid conflicts with
various regional races and right now looks like the Boulder US Open of
Cyclocross will be held the weekend of Oct 15-16 so will block that weekend
out for series races. The AZ cx schedule is posted and think their closest
race is Oct 28 in Flag. We are considering allowing racers that compete in
selected regional races say in AZ or Durango to bring back points for the NM
series as well.   I will be sending out more details about the series
structure later this week. 

Let me know your thoughts in the next 2 weeks. Goal is to have a finalized
series  race schedule by June 15. Also fyi, below are the minutes from our
April 7 cx series meeting. 

Thanks much 

Jeff Huser

Jhuser54 at comcast.net

nmcx at nmcyclocross.com







Minutes from April 7   cx forum held at SportSystems:


Key points to creating a successful series:


·         Finding and securing good race venues – will require developing
relationships with various govt. and NG entities, APS etc and creating
mutual benefits.  The CX series staff (myself or an assigned individual)
will be available to work with individual race directors to meet/discuss
with various agencies to assist in securing venues.

·         Optimizing resources -

o   Human resources- having sufficient and trained  on site staff (
including  USAC officials, volunteers, club members) to  put on a well
organized, safe and fun event. This will require good communication between
Race Directors, USAC, and other staff.  I will assist with this
communication to help assure an appropriate staffing level.

o   Supplies – Have available to all series race directors a race kit
containing the basic supplies, registration materials (start lists, bib
numbers, tables, chairs, pop-up,
) , generator, PA system, course marking,
barriers, start area materials, lap counter, podium and other ancillary
supplies as later discussed with individual race directors. 

o   Create opportunities for race directors to host a financially viable
event and to support their selected charity/cause/group.

o   Support any new race directors with advice and networking with
experienced directors as needed.

·         Create a Series structure that drives participation throughout the

o   Communication – 

§  Promote events through mult-media, websites, flyers, Face book
will maintain up-to-date web site and NMcyclocross community Face book
postings, e-mailings

§  Provide centralized information, registration links, results
through series website and in conjunction with individual race directors.

o   Coordination-

§  Minimize date conflicts with other regional races and other events that
would adversely impact participation.  Will obtain other regional race dates
as they become available and communicate to  series race directors.

§   If possible, provide % discount for full series pre-registration,
pre-registration discounts for collegiate and junior racers

§  Intra regional series races – allow points from select  AZ or Co series
races to apply to NM series and vice versa to encourage  regional
participation .  Discussion has been initiated with AZ and Durango series

o   Standardization – 

§  Consistent race categories, field groupings, start times and processes –
to be determined with input from race directors and exec council

§  Ease  understanding and participation for racers and staff with
registration and race day events

§  Sets expectations for all

§  Combined starts for appropriate categories – increase riders experience
with larger fields, reduce length of race day, encourage spectator

§   Create opportunities for a fun and challenging event for everyone, both
male and female, beginners, juniors, collegiate, masters and upper category

§  Communicate any variances due to weather, adverse travel conditions, etc
to participants in a timely fashion. 

o   Course design

§   Create appropriately challenging, fun and safe courses.

§   Provide varying courses depending on categories or A/B lines in parts of

§  Night cross – a fun event and course needs to be designed with safety in

o   Clinics -  Need to have 1 and desirably more clinics prior to season
start and then if possible in conjunction with series race opener. Consider
inviting pro racer for one of the clinics.

o   Race day amenities - food ,beverages, MC, and other fun stuff as
determined by race director and within guidelines of venue.

o   Awards process – 

§  Consistent and timely  race day podium events

§  Series points system that supports continued participation

1.       Dropping a set number of lowest scores

2.       Bonus points for select races

§  Timely posting of results online

§  Formal end of season awards ceremony/party

o   Sponsorship development and support

§  Series will solicit for sponsors for monetary support, supplies, prizes,
...  Have tentative agreement with NM Bank and Trust to be series title
sponsor and have agreements with ABQ West Properties (Margaret Olivarez) and
Sport Systems

§  Provide support to sponsors through website, flyers, on-site banners, PA
announcements at events, mention in communiqués, logos on jerseys

§  As series sponsorship  funds permit- provide stipend to individual race
directors to assist with costs, prizes,

§  Encourage individual race directors to also pursue sponsorship for their



Proposed next steps/timeline:  Lots of details to work out and while it
seems a way to go till cx time, we need to get going.

  Next 2 weeks - We are setting up an executive council for the series to
assist with this process.  Thanks to those of you who have volunteered.  To
make this a workable sized group will limit this to 8-9 individuals.
Planning a meeting with this group in 2 weeks and likely

      then 1/month meetings and communication as needed. Will begin  work on
a draft of series standards which will also be circulated to race directors
for input

May 15-  Identify race directors for series and get additional input on
details for series from this group  and finalize standards for series and
tentative race schedule. Meet with race directors as needed.

June 15-  have race directors and race schedule finalized. Race directors
begin permitting process.

July 15  - Permits finalized for early-mid season races

Aug 15 – permits finalized for mid-late season races


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