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Fri Apr 29 09:26:08 MDT 2016

Dear NMORS Racers,

Please note that in the rules for the NMORS series it is the responsibility
of the individual racer to make sure he or she enters each race using the
exact same name. If you do not follow this rule the software that we use to
compile the series points sees you as a different person. So please do NOT
do the following: use first name Bob in one race and Robert in the next, do
NOT use a middle initial in one race and not the next, etc. The process to
correct the totals is very time consuming and requires the help of the
individual race director and the NMORS staff, first the race with the
racers changed name has to be taken out of the series total, corrected by
the appropriate race director and then the race data re-entered into the
series software once the race director forwards the corrected results.

So please use the exact same name for every race in the NMORS. We want you
to get credit for all the races and hard work you do and reward you

Thank You!

The NMORS Staff.
Joanna & Jan
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