[NMCycling] Sandia trail closures and the NMES Watermelon Beat Down

Nathan Berg via Bike-racers bike-racers at mailman.swcp.com
Tue Aug 8 12:02:38 MDT 2017

Stand by for updates on this weekend's Watermelon Beat Down, NFS has closed
Sulphur Canyon, Doc Long, Cienega Canyon, and the trails connecting those
areas to Faulty due to bear activity. We are in communication with NFS and
are evaluating our options for re-routing the course, but the ride may be a
no-go unfortunately as the closure area appears to remove access from any
of the trailheads below Tree Spring.

We'll send an update in the next couple of days as we sort out the options.

Nathan Berg
F.I.S.T. Certified Tri/TT and Road Race Bike Fitter
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Pedal/Shoe interface trained by Paul Swift of BikeFit LLC
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