[NMCycling] Bike path under Carlsile

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Any good  lawyer worth his or her salt could make millions going after the homeless.

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</div>The same is true of the NDC bike path under I40...plenty of debris, occasional cart and people.  Hard to see, too. 

Aaro Heinonen

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First, any of you who use the bike path that goes under Carlisle, please use extreme caution.  Steve Mathias has crashed in this spot today, due to a shopping cart and other debris left there by homeless people.  He is OK, but hurt his shoulder.

Second, is there anyone out there reading this email that can go there and see if the stuff is still there and take some pictures?  We would like to have them in case of legal action, but Steve didn't think of taking photos at the time.

Thank you, and stay alert out there!!

Jennifer Buntz

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