[NMCycling] NMES 2019 Ride Schedule

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Wed Jan 2 11:56:41 MST 2019

I trust everyone had a fantastic holiday season and is emerged keen eyed,
lean, and fit, so now it's time to get serious: the NMES 2019 ride schedule
has been posted.  You can now officially plan your season.
San Ysidro Dirty Century has been moved back 1 week to 4/20 (heheh) to
accommodate the change in date of 12 hrs in the Wild West without stepping
on the 505 Classic.
Other than that, there's some noise about potentially putting on a new
route in the Jemez - stay tuned
And I'm looking at adding a YUGE gravel route that will base out of
Hopewell Lake campground; I'm targeting Labor Day weekend.  I need to do
some recon but I'm convinced the fundamentals are sound.  Besides, it's
NMES, what could go wrong.
Get peddlin',


ABQ MM BFL - 2/23
SYDC - 4/20
MME - 5/11
SFBFL - 6/29
AS200 - 7/27
WM-BD - 8/10
TDBT - 9/14
Z100 - 10/19
SARR - 11/2.

Nathan Berg
F.I.S.T. Certified Tri/TT and Road Race Bike Fitter
F.I.S.T. Equipped Fit Center: EXiT cycling fit bike, Computrainer
Resistance Unit, Purely Custom Variable Length Crank.
Pedal/Shoe interface trained by Paul Swift of BikeFit LLC
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