[NMCycling] Condition of Bosque dirt trails?

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Mike,  I did a 4.5 mile hike in the Bosque, with some north of and some south of Montano.  There are still quite a few areas with snow and many places with mixed snow/dirt, and some places where it is getting enough sun the snow is gone entirely.  Mixed bag.  I did think to myself that it would be a good ride with lower pressure in the tires, although I would suggest a good mud shedding tire just in case.  I didn't see any truly muddy slick spots since it looks like the melting snow is draining into the soil pretty well so no puddles.  I know this location isn't what you are asking about, but knowing the Bosque pretty well I would have no problems planning a ride tomorrow.  Sunday is supposed to be rainy/snowy.
M. John Jordan (mjohnjordan at yahoo.com) 

    On Friday, January 4, 2019, 3:42:10 PM MST, mike via Bike-racers <bike-racers at mailman.swcp.com> wrote:  
 Anybody been on the MTB trails along the Bosque? Of most interest are the trails on east and west sides of the river south of Central.

How muddy is it? Especially in the pm.

mike lucero
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