I bought this NOS from a guy in Santa Fe a couple years ago who had never used it. It's the previous generation of this: 

The only difference between the new version and mine is that the mechanism to tighten the hooks down over each bike is a threaded knob rather than the ratchet system. Everything else looks the same. There's no integrated bike lock, you've got to use a cable or some other mechanism to lock the bikes, but there is a locking hitch bolt. Fits 1 1/4" or 2" (with the included shim) receiver hitches. It's not a high end rack, which is why it's cheap, but I routinely used it to transport up to $5000 worth of bikes at highway speeds and I never worried about it or had an issue. 

It's in very good condition, only reason I'm selling is to get a 4-bike rack. Rack is in Albuquerque, but I'm in Santa Fe two days per week.


John Verheul
(505) 231-1665