We're finally up and running with registration and other organizational details.  This will be a fun event, and we hope you'll make it out to this year's Pajarito Trailfest, held at the beautiful Pajarito Mountain Ski Area in Los Alamos.  This year, in addition to the two traditional running events (10km "round the mountain" and 25km "round the mountain to Rosie's Lookout and back), we'll also have a fun mountain bike "mini-tour," which will be a 3-segment event, starting with a quick and fun 18km XC, then two separate Enduro segments on which racers will get two chances to post their best time (best of the two runs).


General Information:

This is a trail run and mountain bike event that is promoted by and will benefit University of New Mexico Ski Team and Southwest Nordic Ski Club Trail Initiative. It is scheduled for October 21st with following races planned:

10km "round-the-mountain" run (traditional course) 
25km (15 mile) "round-the-mountain to Rosie's Lookout" course

1.5km & 3.0 km kids runs (kids event registrations are on a different registration page...$5 only for kids) -- (10am)

New this year is a MOUNTAIN BIKE "mini tour" xc-enduro combo race, with a very short and fun xc race as stage-1, along with two separate enduro segment runs as stages-2 and -3, with racers getting two chances on each course, taking the best time of the two runs.

Pajarito will run the lifts for the racers (no extra fee), and they will also be running for season pass holders and ticket purchasers as well. Additionally, they will run the lifts on the day before the race (Friday, October 20), between 10am and 3pm, for $10 (purchased at ticket office) and for season pass holders. This will give racers the opportunity to practice the courses. Camping will be allowed in the parking lot, and the cafe will be open while the lifts are running.

Put this event on your list. It'll be a nice fall event with a festive atmosphere. The University of New Mexico Ski Team is co-promoting the event with the Southwest Nordic Ski Club for various fundraising initiatives to support local trails projects and their community outreach foundation.

More information on the mountain bike Mini-Tour (refer to mountain bike trail map- https://skipajarito.com/perch-cms/resources/paja-mtn-bike-trail-map-low-res.pdf):

Segment-1 (9am):
The short XC stage will combine some single track on the Santa Fe National Forest (SWNSC Nordic Trails) with some single track on the lower east side of Pajarito Mountain (Lower Aspenola->Oxbow Rd->Aspenola [to finish]).  The route is very fun and scenic, with just enough "up" to get racers breathing hard and blood pumping, but also enough fast, flowy, and technical single track to make it worth the effort.

Segment-2 (12-noon to 2pm):
Option A (black diamond): Upper Aspenola->Downtown Aspenola->Zero Road to the finish in front of the lodge; Option B (blue square, a little longer...): Upper Aspenola->Aspenola (long way around) ->finish. This is one of the most popular descents at the Pajarito Mountain bike park.  More advanced/expert downhillers may choose the black diamond "Downtown Aspenola" shortcut and head straight to the finish, while intermediate riders can opt for the slightly longer route to the finish, which is still tough but more manageable by most folks...

Segment-3 (2pm to 4pm):
Aspen for Trouble->JR->Half Aspen->May Day->finish

These are all courses that *most* skilled mountain bikers can do.  That's not to say that the courses are easy by any measure.  There are some "black diamond" stretches on both enduro segments, but I can ride them both on my xc full-suspension.  I do recommend good dual suspension bikes on the two enduro segments.