Day of the Tread is in need of a group to work at our recharge zone at Campbell St. and the Bosque Bike Trail. Campbell is located about a mile north of I-40. The recharge zone is different in that it is open for the longest amount of time and receives the most visits. We are hoping that some group such as a fraternity, sorority, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, football team, cheerleaders...etc. might be interested in joining with us on October 29th to help make our event successful. As a stimulus, we offer a group $500.00 for the day which may be donated to any charity or non-profit of the group's choice. If you are a member of such a group or know of any groups that might be interested, please contact me off list. 

Additionally, we at the Day of the Tread are in need of 10-15 cyclists to act as ride marshals. Ride marshals typically spend the duration of the various rides helping participants with minor mechanical problems, providing tubes for those who may not have thought to bring any, changing flats and monitoring/correcting dangerous cycling behaviors. If you or, a team/club to which you belong, think that you/they can provide such assistance, please contact me off list. We will comp your significant or maybe not-so-significant other into any of the rides. And, you get two cool orange on black “Ride Marshal” bibs.

Thanks for taking the time to read and consider these requests.