I built this up from parts a few years ago for my wife and it has been a great starter bike but we got her a new one this year and this guy has been taking up space and can be a good starter for someone new. 

Giant TCX aluminum frame and fork. Not sure of exact size since we got the frame used but it is small or x-small. 
Dura-Ace 10 speed shifters and derailleurs. 
Cane Creek CX-5 cantilever brakes with bar top in line brake levers. 
Bontrager RXL wheels (their top aluminum wheels from a few years back)
Stock Giant seatpost, saddle, and bars.

The bike shows some clear wear and tear from racing and the crashing that often comes with cross racing. 

Nice light wheels and drivetrain slightly offsets relatively heavier frame and fork. Every once in a while the rear shifter is a little balky when it is cold but in general everything is in working order. 

Priced in recognition of it being a starter bike rather than an elite machine. Asking $450


Todd Pilger