[NMCycling] Tuesday CX 6:15.

Hawke Morgan via Bike-racers bike-racers at mailman.swcp.com
Sun Sep 28 21:30:42 MDT 2014

Tuesday CX at Capulin Picnic area 6:15 PM (15 mins earlier than last week.)  Free. (Well if you can help pick up cones and stuff in lieu of an entry fee that would be cool.)  

We still haven't been able to mow the sledding area at Capulin, so the course will be pretty similar to last week, just with a little less grass than I was planning.  This is USFS stuff an out of my control.  Even so, I thought the course was very cool, especially descent.  If you were out last week, I am doing a little work on the runup so that the first part is more ridable and the upper part is less ridable.  The course will be more or sell the same as the Nov 2 Old Fashioned CX race, less the grass.  They tell me the area will be mowed by the Nov 2.  It will make for a little longer lap.  It is very pretty up there and the aspens are turning.  We are supposed to get a little rain so it should be nice and tacky.  We got about 15 riders last week and ran for 35 mins, and should be able to do about the same this week.   

Info at bcdracing.com/cycling. 

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