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I personally, will not be entering any events that active.com will be involved with when it comes to registration.  I've been riding the SF Century since the mid 90's and I'll hate to miss the Santa Fe Century/Gran Fondo, because of active.com's sneaky business practice and the fact that nmsportsonline is far better, local and doesn't try to sneak in a membership for a fee! nmsportsonline does advertise and promote events out of N.M. as well.........I think.
Luckily most New Mexico races, fondo's and century's use either USAC or nmsportsonline for registrations!!

 One should not have to be put in the position to look for added fees and be charged unless opting out! Then having to take the time to call & cancel! I'm only one registrant but I'm local. 
- Charlie D.

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Hey everyone,Thanks for the information regarding your experiences with the Active.com website. I'm sorry credit cards were charged for the active advantage membership. I've looked into this on active.com and it's an optional membership. At checkout, all items/charges are listed. In this listing there is the option for forgoing the processing fee and becoming an active advantage member ("processing fee waived for advantage members").Contact Active to cancel membership and get refund by calling North America | 1-866-561-0647 | 9am to 7pm CT | Monday to Friday
As for using another online registration provider, the Century committee board of directors has looked into this many times. Currently, Active provides more of what we need (apparel sales, email blasts, meal sales, funds to multiple entities, etc.). But we always review options prior to scheduling future events, so if there is a viable option which provides all of what we require then switching is a possibility.
And thanks so much for registering for the Century! We have some exciting offerings this go around - NEW Saturday Packet Pick Up at Santa Fe Brewing and NEW caterer - YouthWorks of Santa Fe.
If you have any further questions regarding active.com online registration, please don't hesitate to contact me. Looking forward to seeing you at the Century!
Mickey FongSanta Fe CenturyEvent Co-DirectorCell/Text: (505)946-7595

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I just got a charge from active.com for $89.95 as a "membership". I think it is because the Santa Fe Century uses them. I would never sign up for this, and I will try to get the Century to switch to NMsportsonline.com who do not do this crap. Has anyone else had this happen? Let's try to get every event in NM to stop using these scammers.
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